Cool Temp Shipping Containers


As pharmaceutical firms continue to suffer from cold chain losses, dependable transportation has become critical. Temperature variations cause around 4% of medications to arrive at their destination unusable. Wasted goods cost businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars. As a result, pharmaceutical shipping businesses must invest in transport containers that can maintain the precise temperatures necessary for their contents.

The Importance of Temperature-Controlled Pharmaceutical Shipping Containers
The use of high-quality cold transport containers in the pharmaceutical transportation process is critical for pharmaceutical businesses to overcome the multiple shipping challenges they face:

Temperature Regulation
The ability of refrigerated pharmaceutical shipping containers to maintain the optimum temperature throughout the pharmaceutical transportation cycle is the most essential and evident feature. A temperature difference of only two degrees may be enough to destroy the whole batch, resulting in losses of hundreds or thousands of dollars for smaller orders and millions for bigger ones.

When moving drugs between sites with high temperature differences, this problem is aggravated.

Pharmaceutical reefer systems, which maintain the temperature of pharmaceutical items and enable the shipper to monitor it during the voyage, are already available. These containers are outfitted with sensors that can detect minor temperature changes and even tell whether the items were exposed to light, which might lead to contamination in some drugs.

The types of pharma cool temp shipping containers generally fall into three ranges:

    (controlled room temperature, 20°C-25°C) – Pills, capsules, tablets, etc.


    (2°C to 8°C) – Vaccines (Polio, Measles, Tetanus, Hepatitis B, Smallpox, etc.; insulin, eye drops, etc.)


    (Below 0°C to -150°C) – Tissue products, biosamples used in clinical trials, new cellular/gene therapies, certain COVID vaccines).

365Health provides a variety of pharmaceutical transport containers to suit the temperature needs of all sorts of pharmaceutical items, including vaccines, blood and plasma, and other biologic materials. This allows the shipper to maintain a constant temperature during travel regardless of the weather.

  • Reliability: Two full and independent freezer systems provide redundancy. Our main and backup freezer units keep valuable drugs secure.
  • Offers cargo temperatures ranging from 0°C to -70°C. The machine can function in temperatures as high as +50°C. Deep Freezer may be utilized in an ISO container or in a room for convenience.
  • Safety Control: A data logger is available, which is coupled to an independently powered audible and visual alarm system that sounds in the rare case of a failure.
  • Security: Satellite temperature, alarm status, operating condition, and fuel level recording and monitoring.